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Wednesday | 29- June- 2022
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Vice-Presidency of Academic Affairs

I am really very grateful to you for visiting the vice-presidency of academic affairs of IAUKH. I offer my warmest welcome to our outstanding students, parents, alumni, and visitors who are interested in searching our web site to find out more about our unique academic and research excellence with innovative programs and services, outstanding faculties, and a university-wide commitment to student success.

Established in 1988, the IAUKH has currently 420 full-time and part-time first-rate teachers, over 8200 students both at undergraduate and graduate programs, and over 31237 students have already graduated from this university. This Vice-Presidency tries to attract outstanding students and to produce knowledgeable and competitive graduates. In doing so, it makes efforts to strengthen IAU of Khomeinishahr as a center of excellence in education, research and services, particularly in engineering and new technological fields. At present, the university includes 100 disciplines both at undergraduate and graduate levels and has attempted to establish some other majors and disciplines such as Ph.D. in Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Economics, and Guidance and Counseling in the near future.

This vice-presidency is responsible for the following main issues:

  • Enhancing and developing academic policies and ensuring their implementation
  • Improving the quality of teaching and learning
  • Providing leadership in achieving the University’s strategic goals, especially in relation to teaching and learning
  • Giving a general, and overall academic direction to the faculties
  • Supporting and promoting academic programs
  • Carrying out activities related to educational planning and policy, in conjunction with the related sections and units
  • Assessing and evaluating educational programs and their implementation
  • Undertaking essential measures to increase the quality and quantity of educational facilities
  • Undertaking educational rules and procedures issued by IAU Central Organization
  • Promoting quality assurance processes
  • Examining and studying educational programs and curricula