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About Branch

The IAU of Khomeinishahr branch was established in 1988/05/17. It is located 12 km NW of Isfahan and covers an area of 72 hectares of land, with more than 79036 square meters of academic space, 31237 graduates, 132 employees, and 42 buildings. This university also supports Sama Technical-Vocational college, Nick Abad center, and Khonsar center. The IAU of Khomeinishahr is considered as one of the largest and most advanced universities in different areas of science and research.

The unique geographical location of IAUKH which is near Isfahan University of Technology necessitates establishing different fields and acquiring distinguished faculty members. What really sets our university apart is the high quality instruction and training which makes learning something real and useful. Our program is aimed at providing excellent academic education.

 A wide variety of subjects in different fields are taught in this university. Specialized and dedicated staff members, strong academic curricula, well-equipped workshops and laboratories are major reasons why students choose this university. Due to the various industry-oriented fields in IAUKH, the university has received several national and international awards, prizes, and medals for its over 55  registered inventions and innovations.